'Art of Pilates is artistry of movement, controll and enjoyment of your body'

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The concept of Pilates Art Studio program is based on authentic tehnique of Mr. J.H. Pilates and exclusively on INDIVIDUAL APPROACH of it's owner and certified Pilates Instructor Petra Kosović Sušec, to each client severally, putting at first place abilities, desires and comfort of each client.

Studio program

Studio program is conceived of small groups from 3-6 clients, adaptable to every age, sex and the level of physical fitness. It offers two separate studio excercise systems- matwork  and apparatus. Both are based on individual approach to each client.

More of the program

PILATES ART STUDIO at Hatzova 19, is superbly equipped studio Pilates specialized exclusively for Pilates training in a small groups by strictly individual approach of proffesional certified teachers.

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  • Address:Pavla Hatza 19, Centar, Zagreb
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  • The CIRCUIT TRAINING on Pilates Apparatus! Within sixty minutes of extremly dynamic training clients are experiencing a variety of Pilates excercises on the Reformer, Cadillack and Pilates Chair. It is HIGH INTENSITY TRAINING excellent for achieving quick results in burning calories and improving of general physical fitness.

Pilates teacher training!

In collaboration with PEG (Pilates Education Group) Petra is currently preparing a teacher training program to debut at her studio this fall under the guidance of Mr. Kevin A. Bowen.

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